Monday, 13 February 2012

13 February 2012

I have been in the feild for a month!!!!

So this week has been great. On tuesday it was transfers. We gained a
companion. Hermana Ruiz. She is very sweet and very spunky. And like
my hiccup she has a sneeze. We are a very noisy companionship except
Hna. Christoffersen who just stands there and shakes her head.

So this week we had a goal as a companionship to have 20 lessons we
exceeded that goal!!! And we have two new investigators that we can
teach as we are a threesome. So many doors are open to us now!!!!!

Okay so I have been feeling under the weather this week. Fever and
phelgm! Bleh!!!! (Okay the funny faces thing went away!!! Not
fair!!!!) Any way I actually had to stay in our apartment because of
how bad I felt yesterday afternoon. I wanted to continue on and do the
work. I felt that even if I was dying I would be out here helping
others to come unto Christ. But my companions love me too much and
insisted that I get some rest. I then made some chicken soup and feel
much better today. Since we live with a member my companions were able
to continue with the work. It felt so weird with out them though!
So we did have one on date but they did not come to church on sinday
so we will have to postpone the baptism. so frustrating though.
because they are so ready!!!

So story for the week-
We were trying to contact a spanish refferal that we had recieved
knocked on the door a few times the only answer was a dogs barking.
Hna. Christoffersen thought it was a big dog, I thought it had
throught problems, Hna. Ruiz Said it was a chiuaua (how do you spell
that?) Anyway. we were walking away when the neighbor opened his door
talked to us in spanish and invited us in. We then talked to him and
taught a little of the restoration, and why we pray. We did not get
much more than that in because he like most of the hispanics we teach
love to talk!!! Boy do the love to talk!! (I think Aunt Lee would have
some comeptition)

Anyway our week has been great. I am feeling better not quite over it
yet but better!

It is wonderfull to hear how everyone is doing! I am planning on sending Jessica a b-day card today I have to go get some stamps though! I write quite a bit of letters! send me a letter I will write back! the following p-day.

Anyway I hope all is well with all of you!
Hna. Ziegler

My companions and I for President Palmers birthday on sat made hime
enchiladas and I gave him a picture that I drew. It was fun. We are
the closest missionaries to where they live. So we thought we would do
something sweet! I love the Palmers they so cute, and sweet. Anyway
have to write my letter to the president.

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