Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21 February, 2012

So This week has been amazing.

We have been praying to find and teach those ready and waiting to hear the words of God. We are teaching two men right now that are simply ready. One of them (English) has a son who was baptized when he was eighteen and is now on a mission in Chile,Santiago. So he gave his Father 3 Nephi 11 to read. When we had been swept in we had been given his name by the elders telling us that he wanted a Bible. So when we came over he told us that He could not find 3 nephi in the bible. So we gave him a book of mormon and marked the chapter his son had given him to read. We took him on a church tour two days later and after wards he told us that he had re-read 11-23(ish) over five times which is not like him. And that he had stayed up till one in the morning reading he could not put it down. He has since continued reading. and we are teaching him on thur.

One of our Spanish investigators told us that he could not see how their was only the Bible. How can God have so many people. So many who want to follow Christ yet have no book. There must be another book! So we Joyously told him about the Book of Mormon. And are teaching him tonight. We are having so many miracles daily that make it so we are finding those ready to hear the word.

We also have a SPANISH investigator that actually understands apostasy! Trust me that is a big thing!

And We are teaching a Young man that we may have to give over to the Assistants. Because he is a young adult but, he is a 7 month recovering achololic and drug addict. He was athiest but during his recovery he said he discovered God and the Love that he has for him and he wants to learn how to become closer to God. Oh and another we taught just last night. He is searching for ways to have his "Seed of faith grow" his own words.

Oh I know have a food story for you. So we were invited over to eat at one of our Investigators homes for lunch. We said yes of course. They are from Guatamala. But anyway. She made us a soup that had potatoes, corned beef, and green plantains. it made all of us sick. And Then we went over to a Members home and she made us Korean food which was good but we were already queasy and almost full. But she left us for 30 minutes alone in her apartment to give some of the Food to the Palmers. it was weird!

But this week has been busy and full of the Works of God.

Oh on fri. we had zone confrence and learned about the book of mormon and how we can use it better to teach the investigator and help them understand the gospel and make sure that they are reading it every day even if it is one verse. They need to read it every day. but we were issued a challenge by Pres. palmer. He said to take a clean paperback book of mormon and mark all the names of Christ (or when they are reffering to him), Mark his words (when He is speaking), And his attributes. We are to do this in 85 days or by mothers day. I have been doing this for the last few days and have learned so much more when reading the book of mormon. It is amazing to me. I think that this would be great for you to do. You learn so much!

Also it is great to hear about home and how you are doing. How the missionaries are doing. And with the Young Man maybe get the singles involved. They might be able to help or help find him somewhere to live and someone to give him a ride every week. If he loves it so much that he is willing to walk there he needs to get there!

Love you all, con carino


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