Monday, 14 January 2013

14January 2013

It sounds like everyone is busy with life and all the fun that comes along with it! I have started to apply to schools. weird!!!! But it has to be done! But this week has been crazy but great! Hermana Earl is from st.George Utah but originally from Pennsylvanian. She is spunky and full of fun. Her Spanish is great! She has been studying it for 9 years. and it is great! But we are working hard together to help her get accustomed to the field and to help her be confident in teaching. We have some amazing new investigators right now that are progressing and they want their whole family to be learning with them. one of them is a little scared to talk about it with her husband but she loves coming to church and she feels that it is true and wants it so bad. we have one on date right now that we are excited about and it was a miracle on date too! We are seeing miracles here and it is great to see just how much God is blessing this area! Okay so we had to go home early one night because of some stomach pains I was having. I think it has to do with my sugar problem. but anyway I will be seeing a doctor some time in the future about it. and hopefully have a definite answer. It was not the first time I have been having this pain off and on now for about 6 to 7 weeks. It just happened to be really bad that night. So I will keep you updated on that. I love you all! Con mucho amor, Hermana Ziegler

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